Gooey Music is about making good music - at a good time for good music. Gooey Music is on course to continually release and produce top quality, high fidelity recordings from here on out. The music vibe is contemporary and modern. Cross genre / cross coast / and cross collaborating <3


Music Production

Audio recording, engineering, editing, mixing, mastering, collaborating, songwriting, composition

Artist Tools

Music publishing and distribution, live event/tour production and technical services, artist & brand development 


Music videos, album art, promotional content, graphic design


The Goo Crew


Billy Burke

Music Production, Writing & Engineering


Billy has been a professional in the audio industry since 2009. After working at Chalice Recording Studios he then ran Ableton tracks for Broken Bells and Dead Times. Then settling back in Los Angeles he did production management and location support for Boiler Room before  finally settling into a private Grammy winning studio in downtown Los Angeles. He loves ballads, mega vocals, world sounds and unique production. 


Alyssa Burke

Art & Publishing

Alyssa brings years of art and and an industrious workflow to Gooey Music. Working directly with publishers, management and distributors she sees through the production. Alyssa also began editing and releasing music videos for each artist Gooey Music produces with. She creativity goes across mediums. 

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Sad Girl Breakfast album art
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Music Producer

Billy Burke

(480) 406-8897

Publishing & Distribution  

Alyssa Burke

(480) 406-7265

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